Ellen Cox
Candidate for Commissioner District 3

Ellen's promise -"I Will Serve with Sincerity and Integrity"
As a resident of Saguache County for more than 36 years, She has lived, worked and raised her family in what she calls '" the most comfortable, "Home" oriented place I know". Her children were born here, and her five grandchildren are her pride and joy.

She has worked for the County of Saguache for more than 25 years, having started out as a Reserve Sheriff's Deputy, then the first female Saguache Town Marshall, then Road and Bridge Clerk, Office Manager, Recycling Coordinator/Landfill Office Manager/Clerk where she developed an award winning State of the Art, Recycling Center and waste reduction program, She then became liaison to the County Commissioners- (concerning County right-of -ways, accesses and property rights) State and Federal land issues for several years. When she came back to the County in 2002, she returned to the Sheriff's Office as part-time Cook, then eventually full-time Dispatcher/Jailer. She became the Saguache County Victim Advocate Coordinator 8 years ago. She has told many people since becoming a "Volunteer" Victim Advocate 16 years ago, this last position "has been the hardest, but the most personally rewarding of my life."
She has been a member of several State, local, Governmental, private and corporate boards and commissions and committees. She was fortunate to partner with the City of Tucson as CEO, in 2001 and 2002, with a 5 State Recycling Association for Cooperative Marketing, Education and lobbying for recycling, waste reduction and reuse. She has been successful in writing and operating Grants for Saguache County, and is always interested in fostering new ways to "showcase", our amazing County.

She says NOW is the time to give back, and she has always been passionate about this County, and will give it her full commitment.


Sangre de Cristo Range / Saguache County Colorado  
Saguache County Republican Party
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