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Attn: Saguache County Republican Membership

Our first General Meeting of the Central Committee of 2024 will be held on January 10th
at the Saguache Business Center located at the corner of Hwy 285 and Denver Ave in Saguache at 6 pm.

Topics of discussion will be the upcoming Caucus and any discussion on candidates for office in 2024.

*Attached on the e-mail sent out on December 22nd is the proposed agenda along with Wyoma Hansen’s letter of resignation from the board, and my response.
(Wyoma’s resignation goes into effect 12-29-23)

*If anyone would like to add to the agenda please let me know.

We can’t stress enough the importance of the caucus structure. It provides a brilliant design to enable people to participate in the
political process if it is properly explained and utilized to its full capacity.
We have seven precincts and according to state statute
we are allowed two PCP’s (precinct chair persons) in each precinct. Lager counties with larger precincts usually vote at caucus for the PCP of their choice.
We are considered a small county and our precincts by nature are smaller in number. Therefore we are simply trying to find
two people per precinct to volunteer to occupy those seats and become voting members of the Central Committee.
If there are contenders in your precinct we will settle it by a vote from those who reside in that specific precinct.

Most of us know we are under constant assault by those who want to destroy our caucus system and our
Constitutional Republic.
However, you can make a difference. Through the Caucus system, PCP’s nationwide can help save our country, county by county, from the bottom up.
We have reached the point where we can no longer assume someone else will step up. Election 2024 could be our last chance to save our Republic.

Consider coming to our meeting on January 10th and by all means attend our Caucus on March 7th!

Saguache County GOP
Mike Cowan / Chair
Kyle Zimmerman / Sec. - Treas.


Sangre de Cristo Range / Saguache County Colorado  
Saguache County Republican Party
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