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Shawn Smith / Current US Voting System Apparatus is Not Securable
Interview begins at the 10:40 mark

The vulnerability of our current voting systems and the solution to
replace voting machines

(Ret.) Air Force Colonel Shawn Smith and (Ret.) Army Colonel James Waldron

Kurt Olsen SummarizesThe U.S. Supreme Court Complaint


A Long List of Prominent Democrats Declare Voting Machines are filled with Corrupted Software Switching and deleting Votes and Stealing Elections

Wide Spread Election Fraud / Voting Systems
Connected to the Internet / Foreign Intervention (2 Hrs)
Unmasked / The Truth about the 2020 Election
Recent NRA Video

Constitution of the united states explained - part one
Constitution of the united states explained - part two
Donald Trump's acceptance speech election night 2016
U.S. Debt Crisis explained in simple terms
Convention of States / Article 5
Convention of States / Article 5 / Michael Farris


Sangre de Cristo Range / Saguache County Colorado  
Saguache County Republican Party
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